Commit 8e39596c authored by f00wl's avatar f00wl 🦉
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fix sed regex

parent 59a69b2c
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ check_deps() {
get_fill_template() {
curl -sL -o ${NEW_NGINX_CONF_FILE}
sed -i 's/{{ hosname }}/${NEW_HOSTNAME}/g' ${NEW_NGINX_CONF_FILE}
sed -i 's/{{ hostname }}/${NEW_HOSTNAME}/g' ${NEW_NGINX_CONF_FILE}
sed -i 's/{{ ip }}/${NEW_IP}/g' ${NEW_NGINX_CONF_FILE}
sed -i 's/{{ port }}/${NEW_PORT}/g' ${NEW_NGINX_CONF_FILE}
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